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That's tough. Neither are good matchups. Similar to what you said in my post about Dallas' plan with Morris, we don't know the Bills' plan with Benjamin. Have to assume they're planning on getting him involved, but the Bills just don't pass that much.


I'd probably go with Abdullah. Although Cleveland has a good rush defense, the Lions are favored by 11 so you have to figure he'll have a chance at a redzone TD and game script should be in his favor.

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Browns Run D is surprisingly really strong.  2.9 yards per carry, best in the league.  So AA will need to hit paydirt and those fumbles now have me worried about them going elsewhere. 


Benjamin though, no clue what to expect.  and Saints D has played well.  they throttled TB last week.  Lattimore might be on Benjamin. 



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13 hours ago, Mmiller186 said:
  1. I would roll with KB, Tyrod will want to throw to his new toy, and Abdullah is going up against a pretty good Dline, plus the 2 fumbles last week... might spell more touches for Riddick.


Yeah I agree with above.

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