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Evaluate this Trade? WHIR


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26 minutes ago, clintp44 said:

Hey guys


Was offered Freeman for Hopkins in PPR this morning. 10 point bonus per 100 yards.


Is this an obvious accept??


Agree with JheriCurl (above), that team need is key here. Freem is dinged up (shoulder + knee), but he's practicing and playing. Hopkins might have the major QB downgrade, but he'll be back to receiving the majority of targets weekly, and most likely playing from behind. In a vacuum, I'd go Freeman here.


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agree... it depends on your lineup. I would think you could get more for Hopkins even with Savage at QB. Hopkins will still get 10-15 targets a game if not more as they will be playing from behind most games now. But if you need a RB I would understand but I would toss out some offers for RB that is performing better atm.



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This is my roster build now


RB: Hunt/Kamara/Drake 

WR: Evans/Hop/Fitz/Davis/Watkins/Doctson/Adams


I could start Kamara or Freeman at my flex instead of the lower end WRs on my roster currently + I like the long term prospects of Davis a lot. I also like Freemans fantasy playoff matchups more than Hopkins. 

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