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Conley and Middleton for my Griffin?

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Why wait wil the middle of the thread to list the avg points per game??  This is the entire basis of your question, even more important than the name of the players.


The one thing that you didn't show was what the avg points per game is for the guys on the end of your bench.  You can always use this formula:

Compare ( Player A + Player B  ) to ( Player C + XXX )         XXX = The player at the end of your bench 


So substituting in your case: 

Compare ( Middleton + Conley ) to ( Griffin  + The guy at the end of your bench)


So we have 37.4 + 32.9 = 70.3    Take Griffin (45.6) and add the number from the end of your bench


If the guy on the end of your bench gives you 25 points, then keep Griffin because you get the same 70 points and you get the flexibility of substituting (or streaming) those 25 point players.  This is why the really good players are so much more valuable.  It's the flexibility of coupling your star player with multiple 25 point players and when 1 of those 25 point guy breaks out, you win big time.  You cannot lose if you keep Griffin UNLESS the guys on the end of the bench only give you 15-20 points or if there is an injury to Griffin.  I would keep Griffin.

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Mobdad has a good point. but still, you have to consider that Conley is also a guy who can give you that occasional big stat lines throughout the season. and when it comes to 'consistency', Middleton excels in that category. I like this trade for you since you can get the stability and explosiveness at the same time, which you wouldn't be able to find at the WW.


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@Mobdad points have swayed me.  I was originally on the Conley side, but considering Middleton's losing some ground with Bled and eventually Jabari in the mix, and the upside of Blake without CP3, I'd stay.  It's also important that in a shallow league, your stars become more valuable as it's easier to replicate or swap out lower level players with the wire.  If you do want to make the trade, I don't think it's unreasonable to ask for a little more, by adding more players that you want to move (e.g. Lamb or JRich) and going a 2-3.  Might as well just ask for Capela first (that's NOT going to get accepted but try), and then work your way down.


Capela and Conley might be a different story for me, personally.  The former is playing at a Top 15 level, go figure.


Just pray Blake doesn't get hurt.

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Pretty new here but been playing fantasy for a few years. 


Conley and Middleton is still a win. Maybe you can ask for Covington/ Capela instead of Middleton if you're more comfortable since Bledsoe and return of Parker later in season may give Middleton a hit. Either way, both trades are in your favor if you're trying to build a consistent team.


As for Conley, I think his injury risk is lower with Tyreke around. Tyreke will be the first to go in terms of injuries on that team (notice "will" not "if"). 


While I generally agree with Mobdad above, there are 2 major factors to consider. If Blake goes down, it becomes hard to replace Blake with anyone of his caliber. Therefore, in that example, you're left with a 25fpt player and a player off the WW (let's say WW player averages 25fpt), neither of which are going to be as beneficial as the trade above. If one player from the 2 new acquired players goes down or produces less, replacing that player with someone on WW becomes a bit more bearable (i.e. 35fpt vs 25fpt).


The other point is- you can't rely on the 25fpt player. This obviously depends on the player, but what I've realized is that most of those later-round/bench players fluctuate a lot (10fpt one night 20 another, 30 another, 35 another, etc). This can cost you some Ws if the matchups are tight and close. It's a whole different thing to rely on a more consistent option (obviously even good/ great players have some off nights but odds are lower), where you can have certain expectations with better players. I.E. in my league, Melo averages 34ppg, but he gives me 30-40 points a night (with one exception where he got ejected). If a matchup is close, I know I can rely on him to drop those points. As much as I like Sabonis, I can't have the same expectation with him. 


Just my 2 cents, but hope that puts things in perspective for you to make an informed decision. Can't go wrong with either keeping Blake or acquiring any of the above players- you're in a good position. 


Would appreciate some help from you guys on my post below, thanks!



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