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Add Damien Williams?


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9 hours ago, Chargers88 said:

1.0 ppr 


rbs: Hyde, kamara, cmc, Morris 


3 of my rbs have a bye next week, should I drop kicker Jake Elliott and add Damien Williams or Alex Collins before Miami game ?  

I actually just hopped on the forum to ask the exact same question.


I hung onto Elliot through his bye just in case, but Forbath (for me) looked good enough and has 63 points in his last 4 games with a Viking's offense is really starting to roll. As an Eagles fan who has watched every minute of their games this season, I'm concerned that the Elliott Cinderella story is going to fizzle out here soon. I'm worried the 3 botched XPs the last 2 weeks are going to creep into his head and affect his long game.  


I'm leaning towards Williams. He was outplayed by Drake last week, but he still looked decent in the passing game, and as we've seen from NO (and no, these two aren't Ingram and Kamara) two backs can thrive together in the right scheme. He's questionable due to an illness so there's a chance he doesn't even play, and either way I could be regretting this tomorrow, but I'd rather risk a second K than watch him get 7 catches for 85 yards and a pair of TDs tonight - even if there's only a 10% chance that happens. 

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