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2017 Stat Corrections Thread


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OK I won at the moment by .3.  I have the Seahawks D/ST.  I got credit for a fumble recovery for that time when Roberts of Atlanta muffed the pooch kickoff.  Would that be a fumble recovery though if technically he didn't have control of it and he didn't have to touch it for Seattle to recover it?  I do remember a similar incident in 2012 when I was going against the Bengals D/ST when some lineman on the Eagles muffed a pooch kickoff and my opponent got credit for a fumble recovery, even though he never had full control of it.  About 2:47 here: 

Edit: Turns out you have to view this on YouTube.


Also, are there any other potential stat corrections this week?

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16 minutes ago, clintrad4 said:

Anything else, I've got baltimore D so ... negative points are possible


I was actually contemplating this exact scenario today... All players on the opposing team have finished their games, you're up by slim margin, and you have either a DST or K left to play... In this scenario, is the best option to bench your DST or K to avoid the potential of negative points?


Looking at the game logs for defenses, most teams will have one game with negative points, either now or by the end of the year. So, you can estimate your probability of losing via negative points at 1/16 to 1/32.


Odds of losing to a stat correct? Well, I've been playing FF for 5-6 years, and I have both won and lost a game due to a stat correct. Still, I would estimate that probability at less than negative points.


Therefore, I would say that the best (safest) option here is to sit your DST and go empty. The only other thing to take into consideration is tiebreaker settings in your league.  If it's total points, you may be out for every last point in hopes of moving up to a more advantageous position (playoff bye, better matchup).

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in Yahoo, we have a bonus point for "3 & out" for DST. Arizona was originally was credited with 6 of those against JAX, giving a team a 0.4 victory, but this morning, it went down to 5 and now that team is losing by 0.6 (and they're both done)...so we wait for other stat corrections

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8 minutes ago, 1972Miamidolphins said:

I don't recall a single stat correction change any outcome this season in my leagues, anyone have a different situation?

Not for football but for hockey I believe I was up .7 and ending up losing by  .3 or something like that after someone on my opponents team getting credited with an assist

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4 hours ago, doctordestructo said:

I just won (for now) a Championship by .40 in a Yahoo League so although I should be happy, I'm nervous waiting for the stat corrections to be finalized LOL

I was up .9 thought I'd have to worry then checked again and now I'm down .1 and now have to pray I get something 

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