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How to improve this team? WHIR!

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I'am currently in 16th position in 20 team league, 9 cat. How could I improve this team? I think about punting assists. Maybe you could mention want player should I target?


PG: Dragic, Barea

SG: Moore, Lou Williams

SF: Durant

PF: Kuzma

C: Nurkic, Cauley-Stein


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If you are punting assists, use dragic as a trade bait and get a 3p specialist or an elite scorer.

It seems like you have a lot of holes in your team right now and there isn't much upside in your team which can turn the situation around at your favor.

So if you have the guts, sell durant and get some depth in your SF/PF.

Nurkic is under-performing right now, but he's still considered as a top 10~15 C, so you can sell him low if you don't buy on him to get better this season.


Long story short. if you want to improve, this may be the time to 'gamble'. 5 weeks into the season and you're in 16th. as the season goes on,

player evaluation based on 'hype' and 'expectations' gets replaced by 'stats'. the next 2 weeks may be your last chance to revamp your team imo.


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Thats a crazy amount of teams and I am not used to punting any categories, its not a good idea in roto, so i assume it's head to head? You may want to try to trade Lou Williams while his stock is hot. Once the injured clipper players come back, his minutes will go back down.

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Wow 20 team league! I don't even know where to start lol Wire must be bare. Nurkic will get better and I like the ROS for Kuzma. After the all star break Cauley Stein prob gets more minutes and trends up as well. Team def looks like punt assists. I was gonna say move Dragic for scoring and threes as another poster said but he scores a lot and is actually hitting a lot of threes this season at 1.7. Prob better to move Durant for pieces.


Appreciate the help on mine. Thanks!

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32 minutes ago, calebcjy said:

damn yeah, 20 team is deep. I would def look to move dragic.  but i could see moving durant for maybe like an oladipo and vucevic if you can would be nice.


depth i think is more important in a deep league

Durant for Oladipo and Drummond would be good smart move?

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