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Waiver Wire Question WHIR


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Here's my team:

QB Tom Brady
RB Le'veon Bell, Kenyan Drake
WR Antonio Brown, Golden Tate
FLEX Rob Gronkowski
TE Travis Kelce

Bench Corey Coleman, Thomas Rawls, James Conner, Rod Smith, Danny Woodhead, Will Lutz


I have been saving my waiver wire spot and have the #3 pick this week.


Some of the top pickups I am eyeing are:

David Johnson

Jamal Williams

Rex Burkhead


Is it worth it to use my number 3 pick on David Johnson? I read that Ty Mont will be back in a week or two, so Jamal Williams doesn't quite seem worth it. Rex Burkhead has been solid but we all know how the NE backfield plays out from week to week.


David Johnson stands out to me because on the slight chance that he does return this season, he could be big, especially because my team is weak at RB. Is it worth the #3 pick that i've been saving almost all season, or should I hold out?


WHIR thanks

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I wouldn't use a #3 waiver on any of them.  It seems kinda doubtful that DJ will play this year and even if he does it probably won't be enough to matter.  I'd grab Williams first since the ribs are going to be an injury that lingers.  Burkhead is second but the Patriots are so inconsistent with their RBs that I'd rather have Williams.



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-DJ is such a question mark, because even though he wants to play, will ARI let him? I can't see them being in playoff contention, plus they have AP. 

-Agree with staying away from Burkhead. The past 2 weeks he has been solid, but who knows how NE will use a RB any game. 

-J Williams is a potential, because Montgomery has been dealing with his rib issue for a while & he is one hit away from getting knocked out.


With your stacked team, I think I would pass, as you can always trade 1 stud & get 1 or 2 in return, while holding your waiver spot.

But no issues if you want to take a risk & go after DJ, if you feel he will return & get a plenty of touches, with AP there. Good luck!



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