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Nathan Peterman 2017-2018 Outlook

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On 11/16/2017 at 6:48 AM, pikerbkb said:

Looks like some of the Chargers know Peterman pretty well. 


"He's a very accurate quarterback," King said about Peterman. "When I played him, I thought he was very good with his feet as well by extending the play, not a dual threat but extending the play with his feet and just making the passes down the field."


Along with King, safety Rayshawn Jenkinsout of the University of Miami and Notre Dame products James Onwualu and Isaac Rochell also played against Peterman in college, so other Chargers have been picking those rookies' brains for more information about Buffalo's young signal-caller.



Love that accuracy...



as someone who started the Chargers D/ST in 6 leagues today ?

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31 minutes ago, Br0kenB said:

Something is fishy here. The kid simply doesn't have it, and likely never will, so I can't imagine telling the guys he is going back out there next week.


Tanking is what’s going on here. They want their franchise qb next year. Unfortunately, peterman was so bad that they had to put Tyrod in, but only when the game was truly out of reach.


in an ideal world, they would like peterman to be a Ryan Fitzpatrick type so that it appears they are staying competitive.


if they start peterman, they will seriously lose the locker room. Not like that matters now.

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