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Paul + J-Rich Vs. Gobert in Roto Dynasty

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I am seeking help here.


I play for the 3rd year in an 11 teams Dynasty Rotisserie, 9 categories.

30 max moves / 10 max trades per season.

No max games played.

Minimum 5 Maximum 10 keepers.


My team as of now :


PG. Kyrie Irving

PG. Kris Dunn

SG. Gary Harris

SG. Khris Middleton

SF. Trevor Ariza

SF. Jaylen Brown

PF. Giannis Antetokounmpo

PF. Nikola Jokic

C. Myles Turner

C. Karl-Anthony Towns

BN. Cory Joseph

BN. Jeremy Lamb

BN. Seth Curry (INJ)

BN. John Henson

BN. Wilson Chandler

IL. Jabari Parker

IL. Rudy Gobert


I'm obviously contending this year but really struggling in Assists and A/TO

A manager engaged in a rebuild is willing to trade Chris Paul and either J-Rich or James Johnson or Caris Levert or Demare Carroll for Rudy Gobert.


1. Would you do it?

2. If yes, who would you pair with Paul?


I thank you for your analyzes and advises.

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I would do it.  You should have rebounds and blocks well in hand. Paul should give you 4-5 more good years and you will have plenty of time to replace him over the next few years.  Richardson is a nice piece to get.  You can dump Chandler or Joseph.

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Thanks for the insight. A little surprised you see 4 good years out of Paul's body. If that's case then I could certainly take my chances on him even tho Gobert is a huge reason why im leading FG% / Blks... and still young.

Gotta take this window to content in a dynasty, right?

As for the 2nd piece you confort me in thinking J-Rich is best option.


Seeking other players opinion before I pull the trigger.

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Only 3 rebuilding teams in my league ready to explore such deals. PGs are getting pricey too.


One had Lowry but already traded him.

The other would want my Gobert for his Rubio and very little else.

Considering Rubio"s situation I look at the Paul offer as the only enticing one.

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I agree, Rubio's situation is eh and stay away. But you are trading a young center for a guy who is injury prone and old. Unless you can win this year, don't do it. Plus we don't even know how Paul will fit with Harden. Both are ball dominate. Gobert is 25. Paul is 32. That is a HUGE difference. Centers and big guys last way longer than guards. At best, Paul has maybe 2 years at an elite level, assuming no major injuries (which history has shown Paul will get injured). I just don't like trading away a guy not even in his prime for a guy past his prime. 

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It's a tough one to be honest. However, I think if I had to decide, I'd keep Gobert. Paul's arrow is pointing down, he won't be "the man" in an NBA team ever again even though he will produce nice numbers for at least few years. Gobert hasn't even reached his prime yet. If you can get somebody better than James Johnson/J-Rich great but I'd do the deal nevertheless.

Thanks for the help on mine!

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