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Brees/Landry for Wentz/Crowder? WHIR

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My Drew Brees and Jarvis Landry


Carson Wentz and Jamison Crowder


It's a 3 WR league, this leaves me Michael Thomas, Adam Theilien, and Keenan Allen at WR; Crowder and Kupp as bench depth. Where it hurts me is in my flex spot if/when Devonta Freeman comes back. I could also put Keenan Allen in the deals instead of Landry


Thoughts? WHIR

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I'd leave Landry in the deal and take it.  Wentz has been an absolute stud and the Saints have inexplicably become a run and play D team.  Brees is awesome, but with the defense and running game clicking like they are he's basically just taking the game to relax.  He'll have game winning weeks here and there when he has to put the team on his back, but Wentz is doing it week in and week out.  I think Crowder is getting better each week, I think he was banged up in the preseason and early season.  So my advice is to accept the deal as is.

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-Looking at playoff schedules: NO plays wks 14-16 in a dome. PHI gets 2 games in possible tough weather.

-Wentz is a stud, but if weather is blah, will they run more? We know NO is really enjoying their running game, so they could lean on that as well. 

-I like Landry's playoff schedule more than Crowder's.

I understand wanting to go away from too many NO players, so I would make this trade. Hard to pass up Wentz & Crowder is starting to heat up with Cousins.

Good luck!



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