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throwing up a little in my mouth: Manning, Cutler or Bortles WHIR


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Team three in signature, 12 team 1/2 ppr


Pick one for This week:


Manning vs KC


Cutler vs TB


Bortles @ CLE



pick best  two combo for ROS:




Cutler @NE DEN NE @BUF @KC




Thanks WHIR

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I don't think I'd ever start Cutler unless he was the last starting QB left to pick up in the league.

I guess I'd go with Bortles for this week and the rest of the season, but I really don't like this option.

Not sure if they're available or not, but I'd go with Case Keenum this week, and then Teddy Bridgewater for the rest of the season once he starts. I think both are better options than Bortles, Manning, and Cutler. Other QBs options that might still be available include Garoppolo (bye this week, but great possible upside) and Hundley (he's got great people around him and runs the ball a bit, so as he gets more comfortable he might start performing a bit better). 

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