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ROS Waiver Wire QB: Who to Pick Up? WHIR


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As a former Rodgers owner, I've been getting by streaming QB's and managed to grab Stafford who I've been riding with success lately. I had Winston as my backup, but that obviously didn't work out well. I'm close to out of money on my waiver wire pickups, so potentially looking for someone to take Staffords place if he gets in a slump or has a real bad matchup. Here are the options:


Ben Roethlisberger vs. TEN, GB, CIN, BAL, NE, HOU

Andy Dalton vs. DEN, CLE, PIT, CHI, MIN DET

Bortles vs. CLE, ARI, IND, SEA, HOU, SF

J Brissett vs. BYE, TEN, JAX, DEN, BAL


Also, here's Staffords schedule: CHI, MIN, BAL, TB, CHI, CIN. All tougher matchups aside from TB.


What's my best option? If Stafford keeps producing I'll obviously ride him out, but with those matchups I'd assume some duds. Should I hold onto Winston and hope he comes back healthy? He has an easier schedule than Stafford for sure. Right now I'm thinking Big Ben, but mostly due to lack of better options.

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