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Do I have a drop for J Valanciunas?

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JV is currently a FA, but I'm struggling to pick him up since I'm unsure who to drop. Here's the team:


K Lowry

Jrue Holiday

S Dinwiddie

D Booker

K Middleton

J Ingles

E Gordon

T Evans

D Carroll

Greek Freak

DRaymond Green

J Henson

M Chriss


I know the obvious candidate is Dinwiddie, but I'm kinda short of PG and I kinda like Chriss' potential. Feel like droppping Gordon since CP returned but people telling me to sell high instead. Ideas?


Thanks in advance.

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No one.


JV isn't going to get the minutes here to be a better option than Monroe, Henson and Gibson. Play your hunch in Dinwiddle for a few games first. JV isn't the 4-5th rounder of a few years ago: Dwayne Casey is slowly dragging the Raptors out of the Stone Age.....


PS: Gordon isn't a dropper until we see the drop in production. Anticipating his fall is fine, but dropping him now is the same as flipping the ball to the other team BEFORE  the ref calls your travel. Is Paul's knee 100%? Is Gordon going to dip below 25 minutes? Is he the third guard with Paul and Harden simultaneously in a small ball lineup? If you don't know these answers, you haven't heard the ref's whistle yet.




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