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Durant <> Beal+Marc Gasol

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12 team 12 cat H2H (9Cat+3pt%,MIN,DD)


I get : Marc Gasol + Bradley Beal

I give : Durant


feel like I'm getting two top 25-30 for durant, leaning towards accepting it.


already have westbrook and kawhi as anchors and having a hard time in C's


should I do it?

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go for it if you think that trade will suit your needs. Yeah letting go of Durant seems mad but you got a very decent C and the surreal Beal. Plus who knows what GSW will do with Durant if their passage to playoff top seed is all clear.


thanks for your help earlier.

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Actually been looking at gasol in a deal for my george, as i am also short at the centre department. I chose gasol purely because he is a bit of a fantasy gun and helps you actoss the board. Normally i wouldnt trade someone as high quality as KD but getting 2 late 2nd/ early 3rd rounders is hard to say no too

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team looks like this after the trade. kinda traded a lot around and somehow made a nice team imo


12 team 16man roster so the WW is kinda dry all the time. best I could get from the WW is Snell or Nowitzki at the moment lol. which was the reaso ln I went for quality depth. currently 1st in the league which was also the reason I could accept this trade and wait on Leonard's return.


PG: Westbrook, Lowry, Mitchell, Smart

SG: Beal, Fournier, Bogdanovich

SF: Butler, Covington, Warren

PF: Marv Williams, Jamychal, Chriss

C: Horford, Marc Gasol, Millsap


IR: Fultz, Kawhi


kinda had enough scorers and forwards so I wanted more depth in my PF/C, which was the reason I made this trade. dropped Olynyk after the trade.


planning to package Beal with someone else to get an elite forward or guard maybe?

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