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14 team league H2H 9cat

PG/SG:  Ullis, Irving
SG/SF: Lamb, LeVert, Butler, Valentine, Batum, Stanley Johnson, Jaylen Brown
PF/C:  Len, Jokic, Griffin, Millsap
IL: Monroe, Seth Curry

I think I might pull of trading my Jimmy Buckets for his Kawhi Leonard. I'm currently sitting at the 6th spot in my league. Generally this is a high risk - high reward trade but I want to hear some of your opinions. My way of thinking ins that if Kawhi returns around Christmas (which I'd say is maybe even a bit skeptic)  and he gets conditioned for 2 weeks I still might get 10 weeks of first round bball and this could prove to be a league winning trade. Jimmy Buckets could in the end prove to be nothing more than a top 40 player which is still good but disappointing. Furthermore, Minnesota has a 3-3-4 playoff schedule and Spurs have 4-4-3. However, the Popovic factor is strong with this one, there's no official schedule and he might get rested every now and then.

WHIR, just paste the link to your topic with your comment!

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I thought kawhi was going to be back "sooner than later" according to pop, however in this case, If you can wait, and think Kawhi will be back sooner or later and be completely fine when he comes back I'd easily do it. Kawhi when healthy can be a top 5 player and sadly i see jimmy finishing in the like top 30/40 since he said he doesnt care about stats and just wants to win. Teague, wiggins, and KAT have alot of usage and jimmy is getting the blunt end of it.

If you can hold out, id do it easy, kawhi will be back 


haha we replied at the same time

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