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Keeper Question For Next Year WHIR

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My league allows two keepers per year for a draft pick higher than the previous years. Undrafted players cost last round picks.


I have Kamara and Evan Engram slated as my keepers next year, essentially losing my last two rounds picks to keep them.


Deshaun Watson is sitting on the WW. He would also be a last round pick as he wasn't drafted.


So the question is, which two are better to start your team around next year?


Pick two keepers for next year: Watson, Kamara, Engram.



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Watson and Kamara.


I love Engram, but all the following will have an impact on his production next year


1-WR corps coming back from injury will reduce his impact

2-Will Manning still be there?

3-Will McAdoo still be there?


I'm sure you can argue the last 2 as a pro or con :lol: but in general the Giants will be going through instability that will impact Engram.

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This is a tough call. I guess it depends if you're in contention this year. If so, keep Engram on your roster. If not, grab Watson. As good as Engram has been this year, Watson was elite as a rook and his upside is unlimited. Surprised nobody else has grabbed him.

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This is tough. Kamara for sure especially if Brees and Payton are still there. So it's really between Watson and Engram. I personally feel Watson is a stud and top 5 QB next year (maybe even top 3). Engram should be a top 5 TE next year, but it's uncertain to me how his target share will look with OBJ back. Then there's also the ACL injuries for Watson. That's 2 ACLs on different legs now. How will that affect him going forward?


So to answer your question, I would say Kamara for sure. If you can wait until after preseason next year to make a decision, that would be ideal. So you can see how Watson looks post injury and see how targets may be distributed on the Giants offense. Engram should see plenty of redzone targets for sure. Unfortunately, it's too difficult to make the decision now, but I'm leaning Watson with the assumption that his injuries won't hinder his abilities going forward.





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