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Should i do this MAJOR trade?! 100% WHIR


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should i trade my DMC, wall, and ibaka for Cp3, Turner, and Gobert? We can only stash 1 IR and i currently have Aminu on it. Also i am 10th of 12 teams and kinda struggling on boards/blocks because both chriss and ibaka don't do their job


Standard H2H 12-team


PG: Wall, Bledsoe, Dinwiddie, Chalmers (stream)

SG: Ariza, Smart, Jrich

SF: Crabbe, James Johnson

PF: Ibaka, Chriss,

C: John Collins, DMC

INJ: Aminu


PS. What additional trades should i make? Waiver is pretty dead. THANKS IN ADVANCE!


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id do it.. you need to shake things up and boogie and wall are making you punt t/o... now with cp3 you still get the assist and save your t/o... turner and gobert are efficent bigs with solid blks/reb both top 20 player ROS imo... gobert will be back soon and i dont see wall being any more valuable than cp3... minimal 


you would take a pretty big hit on pts so you might need to fix that or just punt pts since you have turner, cp3, ariza, gobert

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CP3 looks great in houston's offence. Turner is starting to heat up, Gobert also an elite center after his return. 


Wall, Ibaka doesn't look so good and DMC doesn't convince me that he can maintain his performance level throughout the whole season


Do it. pull the trigger



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