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Jarrett Allen 2017-18 Season Outlook


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8 minutes ago, thetomkuczek said:

Yeah, I ended up not starting him as the matchup was not one I liked. Also looked at stats centers had against the Pistons last few games and it was in the bottom 3rd. However, I'm proud of what I have seen and may very well play him every game now in all honesty. 

I did rostered him at the last minute. Too good to leave him on bench, especially his %.


He is truly amazing. Huge % improvement and keeping his fouls in check which Mr Chriss never learnt in 2 years.

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16 minutes ago, mcflywalker said:

Good line tonight, but I’m not expecting this day in and day out. Dude will be spotty, and those assists are an anomaly based on his recent showings.

Of course not day in and day out or he would be a first rounder with this line. All that matters is he is clearly breaking out, has big upside and is a monster pickup for us late season like this 

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16 minutes ago, El_Chingon said:


No way. I am expecting this every game and if not it's drop city for this bum.

Some of the assists are from offensive rebounds and then kicking it out... may not be this high but some should sustain as he crashes that O Glass

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