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Jordan Bell 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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My final take on Bell:   It's pretty crazy to me because no one is denying how talented he is, as I pointed out earlier in this thread. It's pretty evident that he has great per minute stats

^ Yeah I was going to make a very similar argument. His argument would only work if the other teams did nothing to get better. The other teams enhanced their small ball approach and made it even more

5 hours ago, pushaZ said:

Jordan Bell's Per 36 with Draymond according to rotoworld is 24.3 Points, 10.0 Boards, 2.6 Steals, 3.5 Blocks and 1.7 Turnovers on 79.4 percent shooting.

So don't see why Draymond's return would hurt...


Zaza is not a threat, cmon man


Steph Curry will surely cut into Bell's usage, but that's about the only knock you can find on this guy. As a Curry owner he looks like a great supplement and there's no way I don't give him a longer leash than just about any waiver wire pickup all year.

Per 36 means nothing if he isn't playing more than 24min even when the two starting big men are injured

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16 minutes ago, chud12 said:

Never left the bench after checking out in the third. Smh 


To be fair I think he was looking for a spark with their team struggling, but what we do know is that this guy can rack up stats and his confidence is growing, so those are two good signs moving forward. 

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1 hour ago, Stallion said:

He needs to be starting and getting 25 minutes a game. I read on the espn blurb that Bell is projected to start even when Zaza is back, but in this thread, sources say that he'll be benched. Confusing! 


Kerr was quoted saying that ZaZa will more than likely start when he returns

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29 minutes ago, Quazza said:


Kerr was quoted saying that ZaZa will more than likely start when he returns


Kerr said 'probably' which isn't exactly a shout of confidence. The fact he didn't insist on Zaza being a starter says a lot about where his mindset is at looking at Bell. 

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Even if Zaza gets the nod at starting C, the way that Bell has been playing, especially with Draymond on the floor, warrants him getting 18-22 minutes per game.


And for that reason, I would run, not walk for him...Little harder if you're in a 10-12 team league, but if you're 14 or more, you should run for him.

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