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Jordan Bell 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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1 minute ago, DoctorLove said:


Referencing zaza being out? 


Throwing Bell into the roto rotation?


Myabe he starts at center or sees minutes creep into the mid 20's in a close game?? 

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My final take on Bell:   It's pretty crazy to me because no one is denying how talented he is, as I pointed out earlier in this thread. It's pretty evident that he has great per minute stats

^ Yeah I was going to make a very similar argument. His argument would only work if the other teams did nothing to get better. The other teams enhanced their small ball approach and made it even more

26 minutes ago, beastmaster said:


who are "we" exactly? if you are this impatient, just drop man.

Right!   Man no way this guy leaves my roster enen if he dnp's for next 3 straight.  

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1 hour ago, summersoff7 said:

this is a Jarrett Allen type deal as far as minutes go

not really.

bell has played very well every time he's on the floor, but kerr is holding him back a bit. the coach doesn't want to unleash bell yet, and they don't really have a reason to. they're the best team in the league. they should stick with what is working, considering that it brought them the title last year. they have bigger priorities.


allen on the other hand is a different story altogether. the nets are among the worst teams in the league, and they need to develop whatever young talent they have. allen has had nice games here and there, but he's a hit or miss. if he does string together a number of good games, atkinson won't have a reason to hold him back anymore.

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