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Should I use my #1 waiver claim on DSJ? WHIR

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DSJ was just dropped in my league. I have the #2 waiver claim and there's a good chance I can get him. My only drop I can think of is Murray. Which guy do you see performing better overall? Murray has more opportunity now with Millsap gone but DSJ pretty much has control of the whole Mavericks offense and more chance to contribute as he doesn't have guys as good as jokic, Harris and Barton to contend with. 


Should I use my waiver claim on DSJ?

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I wouldn't since you don't even have a clear drop to begin with. RHJ seems like a candidate and Murray is obviously one but it's not clear if DSJ will be better than those 2 at the end of the season.

It's a tough one but I'd stay put. If you had a clear drop this would be a no-brainer IMO.

Please help with mine


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i think your one drop would probably be murray, but i dont really see you needing to use that #1 waiver.

from your other posts, it does seem like your league has alot of good players on the waiver so im predicting someones gonna panic drop a good player and id keep the waiver for that.



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