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Team one in signature 10 team yahoo full ppr *clinched playoff spot


Still worth holding on to Monty and M Bryant?


my other RB: Mixon, D Henry, Ajayi


my other WR: Thomas, Cooks, AJ Green, Doctson, C Davis


could pick up: M Mack, D Williams, M Davis, Forte, C Coleman, Z Jones







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You have a good WR depth but not much on RB side.


I would hold on to Ty Montgomery just in case...WR are easier to find than RB's and you don't want to start dropping RB's going into the playoff.


If Anything you can drop M Bryant for either Z jones or Coleman...Your starting WR for the rest of the season should be Thomas, Cooks and AJ with Doctson as next man up if one of them gets injured.

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No, it isn't worth holding onto either of those players. You could pick up Corey Coleman, but he wouldn't come close to cracking your lineup. Your biggest need is at RB and there isn't anything there. I don't think it matters much, you won't be changing your starting lineup anyway. 



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