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Rank: Mariota, Big Ben, Keenum (WHIR)

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Mariota has eclipsed 20 points just one time this season. Too risky for me. I feel that his upside is limited right now. I want him to prove it to me before I give him the green light for ROS.


Big Ben coming off a strong game gets JuJu back, easily the #1 option of the three for me.

Keenum has already been doing what we want Mariota to do so Keenum would be #2

Mariota in a great matchup is #3 due to inconsistencies.

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I'm going to assume this is for the rest of the season, not just this week.

1. Big Ben - The pieces are there in PIT and Ben seems to be turning things around. Plus he's got good matchups for the rest of the season.
2. Keenum - He's been playing hot. If this changes he could lose his starting role, but in that case just drop Keenum, pick up Bridgewater.
3. Mariota - Hasn't done anything all season long. The upside might be there, but I'm not going to trust him until he can show me something.


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