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I need to outscore another team by 16 (non-PPR) and am currently up 20. He has Kroft left and I can play either Brown or Juju. Who is the better bet? I am concerned about some of the reports about Brown potentially being hobbled but then again he is AB.

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28 minutes ago, Canuck2333 said:

I like Brown, but with your current lead and having to win by 16 I would say JuJu because he should still put up consistent numbers. As many as Kroft anyways. 


That's my inclination as well. Thanks. 

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3 minutes ago, mjb said:

Not sure how you can sit Brown?


The only reason I am considering it is the risk of Brown putting up 0-3 points if he leaves the game early. Juju is reliable for 6-8, which should match or exceed what Kroft will do.


On the fence right now!

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According to onlookers, Brown was moving "gingerly" during his pregame routine on the field and didn't do what he normally does before games. Also, all of the Steelers' receivers are active, which is atypical for them. It suggests we could possibly be looking at a limited Brown tonight, though he obviously needs to be in season-long lineups anytime he's on the field and playing.

Dec 4
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