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I currently have Ertz but in the event he misses a game with his concussion I wanted to add a back up plan...


Options are: Doyle, Brate, Hooper, Anderson, Ebron, Allen, Seals-Jones


Also which is the better play: 

New England Def @ Mia

LA Rams Def vs Phi


Thinking New England...

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I agree with the above, Doyle on the waivers is a gift, pick him up. He's a reception monster, so bonus if your league is PPR. And yeah, Burton picked up exactly where Ertz left off in the passing game on Sunday night.


And Pats DST.

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16 hours ago, Gideon said:


Enough so to take him over Doyle or Brate?


I would think so. Savage is a garbage quarterback who really lacks the ability to throw the ball down the field. A TE who can catch is going to be a huge security blanket to someone like Savage, who will check-down more often than not. The number of targets Anderson received last week seems like a pretty good indicator that he'll assume that security blanket roll for the rest of the season, meaning plenty of targets/opportunities.I don't like the Brate/Howard situation in Tampa. Doyle also has plenty of opportunities, but I just haven't seen the upside that I think Anderson potentially possess. That's why I think I would go with Anderson over Doyle, the higher potential upside.

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