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Drop Woodhead for Mike Davis? WHIR

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Not sure if Woodhead will be usable in the playoffs ... though of course, he'll go off for a huge game if I cut him. Seems like Davis is the clearcut back in Seattle and I need help with Mixon hurt.


(I also cut Riddick last week, and Abdullah had an injury out of nowhere. Riddick is still out there, but I'm not sure I can trust him either.)


My other cut options are Stafford (carrying 3 QBs with McCown and Brees) or Amendola (could see more snaps with Gronk out, and this league counts return yards).



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3 minutes ago, JAHOG said:

I don't like Davis vs. JAX, but like him ROS.


Make a move for G Bernard or P Barber if they're available?


Thanks. Gio is owned. Barber is out there, but that situation is obliviously unclear right now. I'm leaning toward Davis since the volume will be there even in a tough matchup. 

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8 minutes ago, Slayer0854 said:

Id say see if Collins is out. Hes been having migraine and Woodhead could get a few more opportunities if hes out. If not I like Davis, id say you can cut Woodhead or Amendola. Thanks for help on mine


Thanks. Yeah, I saw that report. Problem is I won't get Davis (or Barber) unless I put in a claim tonight. And even then, with my luck, the Ravens will dust off Terrance West. RBBC is the worst.

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I would dump Woodhead for Davis.  Everybody keeps mentioning the good matchups coming up.  In my opinion those are horrible matchups for Woodhead.  Because Balt should be able to limit their throwing and stick with the run game(which he isn't a part of).  Personally I feel this weeks game is his best matchup since they could be playing from behind.  But really how much can you trust it.

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