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How to fix defensive scoring: you get a point each time the offense punts

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I have only played in one league that did this, many years ago.  Sacks/Ints/defensive scores are all pretty flukey.  This is especially true if your defense is so dominant that all the offense does is go three and out.  The fix?  One point every time they punt.


Does anyone think this is a bad idea, and if so why?

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5 minutes ago, nromn said:

I like it also. The Vikes have a dominant defense but doesn't really translate for fantasy purposes. Would be fun to watch a dominant D that is also dominant for fantasy purposes.


Drafted and have been riding them all year. Points allowed should be rewarded more with the way the league has evolved to aid the offense.

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Our league wanted to make defenses a higher priority in the draft so we added a tenth of a point for every yard on an INT or FR return,not to mention 6 pts for a td if taken to the house.Thanksgiving Day that Chargers INT was worth 15 pts.

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1 hour ago, lolcopter said:

Still don’t understand why a failed 4th down conversion doesn’t count as turnovers on downs

This is because the NFL doesn't count a failed 4th down conversion a turnover.  Its ridiculous really. I believe some sites do have the ability to count this in the scoring though. I agree it should count.  The D stopped them and forced them to turn the ball over on downs!

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