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Best way to communicate with your league? (***WHIR!!!**)


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Just finished my first season as commish, and the biggest thing I want to change is communication. Not much trade talk, because lots of people didn't really know the others. Any good way to allow every member of the league to talk to the others? Is the Smack Board useful for this? Or would a 3rd party app (GroupMe, Discord, etc) be best from your experiences? Leave a link. Thanks!

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Yeah, I'd recommend against Facebook. I have it, but hate it when I have to use it for messaging. Don't dig the battery hog that is the messenger app (facebook app can suck it too). Our league has been using the com part of the yahoo fantasy app actually (one member of our league has spotty cell service, so texting doesn't work so well. also, not everyone in the league has an iphone, so iMessenger isn't the go to either). I can't say I have any complaints about communicating through the yahoo fantasy app. I''d probably recommend it if it came to it.


I don't remember the com features of the ESPN fantasy app...though I do remember that app being pretty archaic. If your league is through ESPN, I'd probably go with Slack. Something like slack is good for the group chats, but also for 1-2-1 direct messaging.


Thanks for your help with mine! Sorry for the delay

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