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Need help with RB/Flex PPR WHIR

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I need to choose two RB and 1 Flex.


RB: Alvin Kamara (no brainer here), Demarco Murray (hell no), Gio Bernard (no Mixon Likelyz0, Tevin Coleman (saints still suck at rush defense)


WR: DeAndre Hopkins and Golden Tate (two starters), Martavis Bryant, Chris Hogan, Amari Cooper (likely out)


I am thinking using Kamara and Bernard at RB with Coleman in flex but any help would be appreciated!!


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To me it is definitely the same 3 you chose.  If Mixon is out Bernard will get most of the touches and actually looked quite good against Pittsburgh.  Murray splits carries too much and Cooper and Hogan are possibly out. Bryant may have an increased role with JuJu out, but I like Coleman more in a game with potential for high score. 

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I can agree with your assessment. Bernard for sure with the assumption that Mixon is out. He'll have a lot of work. Kamara needs no explanation. I like Coleman because he always seems to vulture a touchdown, and with the assumption that tonight is going to be a high scoring game, you'd think he'd hit paydirt at least once.


Hogan looks like he could play though, and he offers more upside with Gronk out. By playing Coleman, you lose that flex spot you could give to Hogan. I'm not a huge Tate fan, so you could swap him out for Hogan. 



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