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12.7.17 -- TNF: New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons Game Thread

Patrick Bateman

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13 minutes ago, nonstopfan said:


I would think so since this sport is a little bit more physical. Just a tad more.


Why do you guys call it "luck" when someone gets hurt?

Because it's random.  Kamara could get hurt just as easily as the next player. It's not predictable.

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15 minutes ago, g1sk8terz said:

Of course my opponent benches Kamara before the game :/


6 minutes ago, nonstopfan said:


If he is the commish he pulled one over on you.


5 minutes ago, meh2 said:

I think your opponent is also the commissioner and just used the commish tools on you.

edit nonstop fan beat me to it


4 minutes ago, Hero202 said:


That's what I'm thinking too..or a good friend of the commish.  


4 minutes ago, BigMoneyNoWhammy said:


I agree. This dude BENCHED Kamara??? Sounds fishy. Either he's the luckiest idiot out there or he's pulling a fast one if he's commish.


4 minutes ago, SuperJoint said:


This is a pretty serious accusation and as a commish don't take it very well.


All dude needs to do is look at the Commish Transactions in Y! and they can see anything the commish does.


@g1sk8terz - did you see your opponent's lineup before the injury, and verify that Kamara was not in there?


As far as checking lineup transactions, Yahoo is mentioned above and I know that CBS allows you to view that as well (so if Kamara was benched, you would be able to see what time that happened and ensure everything was legit). 

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