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DeDe's workload and fantasy production have both been going up, and SEA is hurting on defense. I feel he's more of a swing-for-the-fences type, but I'm expecting this to be his coming out party. I'm starting him in one league and feeling good about it.


Help with mine?



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16 hours ago, alexander1231 said:

16 Team - Non-PPR Standard League - need a guy as my WR3.


Jermaine Kearse vs. DEN or Dede Westbrook vs. Seattle


(I have Bortles as my QB2 in this 2QB league)


Leave a link and WHIR.

I think Kearse is the choice here.

Westbrook, while important, is not the focal point in Jax. He's at best 3rd in the pecking order behind Lee and Fournette... Hurns may also be back if I'm reading things correctly.

I know Denver is a concern but they'll be preoccupied with Anderson before they give Kearse a second thought. McCown is good enough to exploit that. 

Thanks for mine 

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I like both options also. I would probably lean Dede though cause Hurns is still out, and Seattle isn't playing at Home. Plus Dede has been getting 10 targets a game lately and if Seattle's offense can put up points this could turn out to be catch up mode for Jax.

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Thanks for the help on mine.


This is a tough decision and normally I wouldn't start a receiver against Denver unless they're a stud and/or I had no other options. 


In this case I'd go with Kearse over Westbrook, and here's why.



1) There's been some talk about Westbrook being a nice play because of his uptick in usage (targets/catches). However, Kearse actually still gets more targets and catches than Westbrook's stretch of games that's gotten everyone excited. I feel like Westbrook would have a slightly nicer bump in perceived value if it was a ppr league because he might line up in the slot from time to time getting easy ppr points. But even saying that, Kearse still gets more targets and catches because of his role as a WR2 or WR1B in his offense which throws more often than the JAX offense does.


2) Jaguars have a more balanced offense, their game plan is not to throw to win games, but throw as necessary to keep defenses honest. They've kind of taken the ball out of Bortles hands which has been necessary for the team to win games. This isn't to say that the WRs on JAX cant have a good game, but it certainly makes their ceilings lower.


3) Denver surprisingly has allowed most TDs in the league this year and only the 7th fewest points to wrs, which is not as strong as people would initially assume given their vaunted secondary of years past.


4) You already have Bortles as one of your QBs. If Westbrook does nothing and other JAX receivers get the love this week, you won't be hurting. Anything Westbrook does already benefits you since Bortles is your QB2. And if Bortles has a bad day, it'll probably directly reflect Westbrook's as well.


5) Final point that I think might be the most important. Given what we know and what we've seen, the perhaps the deciding factor for me is the difference between Westbrook's ceiling and Kearse's ceiling. If you start Kearse and Westbrook has the better day, that could mean that Kearse had 35 yards and Westbrook had 70 yards. So you'd miss out on 3.5 points in standard scoring. But if you start Westbrook and Kearse had the better day, that might mean you got 50 yards from Westbrook but missed out on 100 yards and a  TD from Kearse. These players have similar floors but the difference in ceiling is immense. I'd rather take 3.5 points with the chance for much more than take a better bet for 60-70 yards and nothing more.


Good luck.

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