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Most annoying player to own 2017-2018

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To make it more interesting go with players you don't own,and you prefer it to stay that way


Kent Bazemore-even stocks cant help here Im really glad I don't own this guy.FG killer and that inconsistent as a starter on a tank team

J Val-you know there is no upside unless trade happens yet you cant go and drop Jonas..

Austin Rivers-he is hot pickup at the moment so it might be surprising,i don't like his game and his % at times make me wanna throw up

Rodney hood/Gallinari-nothing personal they just cant stay healthy


Brook Lopez-with 20 minutes and how chaotic Walton lineups can get he Is in fact decent contributor.Howewer I think only his blocks are keeping him from topping my list

and I guess this is very disappointing situation for his owners

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BroLo and it ain’t close. Picked him up near the end of the 4th when there were a bunch of bonafide studs on the board, but couldn’t pass up his combination of 3s, blks and typically solid production. 


So so disappointed with how that’s turned out so far. Glad he’s my 3rd best big (after AD and Embiid), so that helps a bit - but if anyone picked him up as their #1 or #2 big, I’d feel awful for them.

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Easy, no contest - Brook Lopez


And it's easy because it's not due to him physically falling off from what he was, or that he has been hurt, or he is disgruntled and was sent home, or he has someone better in front of him, or he brought guns in the locker room and was suspended.


He is a model citizen, still healthy, and in his prime (if you doubt it look at his game log when he has played 28 minutes or more).


No he is the most annoying because an idiot coach who was made to believe he was a big reason the Warriors won games while Kerr was out (he wasn't, a box could have coached them) has been jerkin his minutes not because of all the things I named but because he doesn't know what he is doing.


The End.



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