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DST AND TE Discussion/Input! WHIR!!!

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I narrowed it down to COWBOYS or BILLS for DST. I like the Cowboys DST especially with Sean Lee being back and Shepherd ruled out now for today's game. Is this "Angry Eli will ball out" factor even a real thing?! He's been terrible all year and is a shell of his former self. Plus, only having Engram to throw to makes this matchup very enticing. For the Bills DST, going against the Colts (enough said), who are a dome team, in snowy conditions. However, Peterman is starting, but I expect the Bills to rely on the run game a little more and limit throwing opportunities for Peterman...


For TE, I have Doyle and Stephen Anderson. I initially was going to play Doyle, but I feel like Stephen Anderson has the better matchup/weather conditions. I don't expect him to see 12 targets again nor do I feel comfortable trusting Tom Savage, but the 49ers have gifted TDs to TEs like they Santa Claus. What do you guys think??!



Any input/help would be appreciated! WHIR!

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4 minutes ago, hulkster said:

I just read that Shepard will be good to go and I would take Buffalo vs Colts bc of weather . I feel like Eli and the Giants will have some kind of Crazy game bc of the bench gans Drama . Bad bad weather in Buffalo 


Where did you read this? Last report I read on Shepherd is that he was a no go.


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For DST, I can pick up Bills, Jets, or Colts as well. That weather in Buffalo is going to be terrible and with Peterman starting, increase in opportunities for short field/red zone opportunities for Colts. That's why it's hard for me to go with Bills DST. However, on the flip side, should see a lot of turnovers on both sides. The whole "Eli is mad so he's going to return to Superbowl Eli" is ridiculous to me. Dude moves like he's in quicksand and like mentioned above, Cowboys are playing for a playoff spot.


I guess I can go with Austin Seferian-Jenkins as well, as he SHOULD have a big day against the Broncos. But for some weird reason, I feel like the Broncos will come to play today - too much pride, and they used to be one of the top defenses in the league right? 


Doyle and the Colts should have good field position/red zone opportunities, but he's been so inconsistent with Jacoby under center.


Damn playoffs! Every decision feels like life/death of your season...

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Can someone explain why you like Doyle so much? I get the possibility of a short field/red zone opportunities. However, weather is terrible with 12MPH winds. I feel like this will make both teams lean on the run more, especially with the trash QBs that they have. At best, I can see Doyle with a 5 receptions for 50-60 yard game. Whereas, Stephen Anderson is playing with better conditions and seems to have built a rapport with Savage (yikes, I know Savage, but it's not like Jacoby is that much better than Savage considering the weather). I can also pick up Austin Sefarian-Jenkins...



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Bills because of weather and Eli having something to prove. Shepard is playing BTW.


Anderson because Doyle is boring and Andersin is Jimmy's Gronk.


Thanks for mine.

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