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100% WHIR: KAT/Beal/DJ For Giannis/Thad/Wiggins

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Hey everyone, I was just offered this by the giannis owner. Here is my team. It is a points league. I can sorta of justify DJ for Thad. But beal to wiggins is a big downgrade and I dont think Giannis to KAT is as big of an upgrade. Lmk what you guys think. I can try and ask for mccolum over young, but i doubt he'd do it.


SLOT PLAYER, TEAM POS ACTION                                        
PG Dennis Smith Jr., Dal PG  DTDnews_and_video.png
SG Jaylen Brown, Bos PF, SG, SFnews_breaking.png
SF Khris Middleton, Mil SF, SG
PF Rudy Gay, SA SF, PFnews_recent.png
C Andre Drummond, Det Cnews_breaking.png
G Kyle Lowry, Tor PGnews_recent.png                                          
UTIL Bradley Beal, Wsh SGnews_and_video.png


Bench Karl-Anthony Towns, Min Cnews_and_video.png
Bench DeAndre Jordan, LAC Cvideo_breaking.png
Bench Donovan Mitchell, Utah SG, PGnews_and_video.png
Bench Danilo Gallinari, LAC SF, PFnews_and_video.png
Bench Jahlil Okafor, Bkn C  DTDnews_breaking.png
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