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Help Set My Lineup week 15 ! WHIR

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I'm playing a team that has been on fire lately so I have to get this right. I feel like I

have assembled a super team I just need to make the right plays!




QB: ?
WR1- Larry Fitzgerald
WR2- ?
RB1 -LeSean McCoy
RB2 -Kareem Hunt
TE- Kelce
Flex w/r/t ?
Defense: Baltimore
Kicker- Zuerlein



QB- Drew Brees or Rodgers. Really torn on this one. Do I go with Rodgers if he plays?

(Total mystery, but a must win game for the Pack) Or Brees, who plays the 9th string

QB of the Jets? Brees has been not doing it lately, especially if Kamara plays im leery

of using him. If they dominate, I'm also worried the Saints go ultra conservative and

just pound the ball.

WR/TE: Crabtree, Josh Gordon, Greg Olsen, Marquise Goodwin, Robert Woods
RB- Lamar Miller
Defense- Jags, Baltimore

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Thanks for mine.

QB - I'd go Rodgers, Saints should be up big somewhat early then it will turn into Ingram/Kamara ground pound the rest of the game so Brees options will be limited

WR / Flex - I'd go with Gordon and Goodwin.  Gordon has looked good his 2 weeks back regardless of matchup and Goodwin has been pelted with passes since Jimmy G took over

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I guess I'm in the minority, but I'd go Brees over Rodgers. He's one of the few I'd take over Rodgers right now. He's a safe and stable QB. He hasn't had a single-digit score this year in either Standard or PPR (of course this is based on 4 pt QB TD). He's going to produce no matter what.


Rodgers is a great QB, and if he looks healthy to play, I'm starting him this week as I just lost Wentz. But I would start Brees over him if I had Brees.



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