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Who to drop for Jamaal WIlliams or Ajayi? WHIR


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Jamaal Williams is apparently still on the WW in my league (full PPR). Ajayi is as well and he may be relied on more with Wentz out. At this point, I'm targeting Williams first and Ajayi second.  My question is who to drop for either Williams or Ajayi? If I make it through this week, I'll get Zeke back for the finals. Perine has a tough match-up and looks hobbled so I think I would lean toward starting either Williams or Ajayi over him this week (if I get them), and then Zeke over him next week, so he may not be all that useful anymore. I also have Chargers (v. KC, Jets) and Ravens (v. Browns, Colts) defenses. I will play Ravens this week v. Browns but can see upside in both for Week 16 (would likely lean toward Ravens v. Colts as they'll be in the backfield all day). So,  I guess should I drop Perine or one of the Chargers or Ravens defenses for Williams or Ajayi? I think Perine makes more sense but looking for input.


Starting requirements and roster:


QBx1, WRx3, RBx2, WR/RB (Flex), TE, K, D


QB: Ryan

WR: Keenan, Dez, DT, J. Gordon, JuJu

RB: Hyde, Perine, Zeke

TE: Walker

K: Legatron

D: Chargers, Ravens

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