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Need WR advice for Semis WHIR 100%


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1 hour ago, kdpat15 said:

1/2 Pt. PPR League. Im starting kareem hunt, mark ingram as my RB's and Flexing Drake.


Please select two WR options or 3 if you believe Drake shouldn't be my flex:


Funchess vs. GB

Mike Evans vs. Atl

Tyreek Hill vs. LAC

Goodwin vs. Titans


Drake should absolutely be your flex. You'd be crazy to bench him right now.


I'd roll with Hill and Goodwin personally. Goodwin is who I'm most confident about out of this group shockingly enough. He just has a great matchup with a QB airing it out a ton. I like Funchess too, but I just don't see how you can bench Hill. His ceiling is the highest amongst this group.



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This is really tough. at this point in the season I am not sure you have to start your studs especially evans who has been struggling so I say bench him. However, Hill is a must start for me and then it's a toss up between Goodwin/funchess but I would lean funchess 



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I'd keep Drake in flex. Then I would start Funchess, and Hill.


The bench would be Goodwin, Evans


Hill has explosiveness that is rare and can flare up anytime, I'd want that in my line up. Funchess is consistent and coming off tough match where he still performed. Now he gets a great match up. 

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Start hill as he has been producing. I don’t care if he sees Hayward he also did well first time against LAC


Evans again... should get 10+ targets as they will be ina shootout. I know he has been bad but I like him this week. 


Carolina may not pass more than 20 times and have to believe Olsen gets targets this time



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