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Luis Castillo 2018 Outlook


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3 minutes ago, street sharks said:

This guy sucks. Wish I never drafted him.


I wouldn’t go that far, I’m just not starting him again. Until I see a solid start. He has killed my ratios all week. 

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2 hours ago, Tugginroot said:

What's going on here?  Wasn't he an Ace last year?


No, he was a rookie who had about 80 pretty good innings. Keep in mind that his FIP/SIERA were quite a bit worse than his actual ERA.

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15 hours ago, street sharks said:


And he looks awful for the SECOND time


In fairness, he did lead the league in Whiff% heading into his second start. So his "awful" still has more takeaways than 75% of pitcher's "good." 


Whiffs aren't everything, but there's still some very clear talent here. 

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7 minutes ago, jwblue said:

The next Michael Pineda.  Looks uninhabitable one start.   Mediocre the next three.  


In fairness, I don't find too many pitcher's habitable. 

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