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Start Brees or Rodgers? 100% WHIR!


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Brees...at home with plus matchup...A rod hasn't played in a while and hasn't taken a hit so who knows how his body will respond when he does...he is at his best when he scrambles around the pocket which he might be reluctant to do





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Go with Rodgers. The Panthers D is good but more for their run defense than their pass D. With Rodgers fired up and motivated he should be a reliable QB 1.


Brees should have little opportunity to throw with the saints easily running up a score early and running it out the rest of the game. The saints defense should easily handle the Jets.



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Kamara cleared his concussion protocol so Brees will have a lower floor.


With Petty at QB for the Jets, the Saints could jump up huge and just coast in the 2nd half; running the ball 40 times is a possibility.


Theres a higher chance for a shootout with the Panthers/Packers than the Saints/Jets.


Rodgers is the high risk/higher reward play.

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I would start Brees.  Carolina just beat the top team in the NFC when they were at home last week.  They'll most likely get the lead and grind clock against Green Bay's crappy defense.


When you factor that in with the fact that a lot of Rodgers' throws are based on timing, and that Carolina has a good defense... It doesn't seem worth the risk when Brees could put up just as many, or more points.

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16 hours ago, Rush2112 said:

Rodgers GB is trying to get into the playoffs and he will take them there. NOLA is going to the playoffs and they will play lazy the remainder of this regular season with nothing to play for. 


They are by no means a lock for the playoffs and won't be taking games off in week 15. You said the same thing about the panthers as well in another thread. You are too good of a poster to give such a lame reason.


I agree with the above posters who say Brees is the safer bet but if you think you will need a monster game Rodgers is definitely the upside play 

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I'm having the same conundrum, got both guys and absolutely torn who to start.


Brees- i think like others have said, they should have control in this game and they should resume pounding the running game, so I don't know that brees is gonna put up more than his usual floor of about 15 points. He is probably the safe play.


Rodgers- as others said again, he might be rusty, he might get hurt instantly, or he might go off and have an insane game. Carolina is no pushover. But everything is on the line and he sounds very motivated and he is the number 1 or 2 QB in the league. He is the upside play.


Myself, I'm leaning Rodgers but will make the call Sunday morning.


I'm also firmly convinced whichever guy I go with will be the wrong choice, and the other guy will blow up on my bench and eliminating me from the playoffs.

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