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Pick my 2 WR starters!

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I need help deciding who should be my 2 starters this week at WR in my standatd league. I normally have TY and Fitz but TY scares me. He could get a huge game at any time though it seems. But is Thirsday against Denver one of those times?


Which 2?


TY Hilton vs. Den

L. Fitzgerald @ Was

C. Hogan @ Pit

Juju Smith vs. NE

Marvin Jones vs. Chi



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TY way too inconsistent IMO. He also faces Denver this week, who are one of the tougher matchups. 


I like Fitz, he has been great all year. 


I'd probably roll out Hogan over Marvin Jones if Stafford isn't 100% for your 2nd receiver.

Expecting Steelers/Patriots to be a high scoring game, with Hogan getting at least a few red zone targets.




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I would definitely go with Fitz, he has a good matchup and has been a really consistent WR this year. I think I would go Hogan for the second option. I have a feeling that the Steelers are going to run the ball/favor Bell, which weakens JuJu, Hilton is waaay too inconsistent, and Jones could have some trouble against the Bears and Stafford's questionable health, their D aren't slouches either.



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