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Am I crazy to bench AJ Green? WHIR

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Given his matchup against a great defense, and especially one of the top corners in the league, I'm skeptical that he's going to have a decent game. But while I have some good flexibility and can move players around, there's not anyone on my bench I feel particularly good about either. 12 teams non PPR league, pretty standard scoring. Start 2 at RB, WR, and flex each. Here's how I currently stand-




RB- Melvin Gordon (locked), McKinnon

WR- AJ Green, Davante Adams

Flex- Michael Crabtree, Sammy Watkins




Matt Forte

Christian McCaffrey

Doug Martin

Robby Anderson

Ted Ginn


I can slide Crabtree or Watkins over to WR fine, but I don't feel great about moving anyone on my bench to flex. Martin can have good weeks, or pretty bad weeks. I like McCaffrey a lot, but he's better in real life than fantasy. Anderson has had a few big weeks, but then he was back to 27 yards with no TDs last week again. Overall, I'm just not feeling good about Green, but think he has by far the best  potential to have a big day. So maybe I just answered my own question there, but looking forward to seeing your thoughts


Bonus question- Martin over McKinnon?

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