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100$ Buy in / 12-team / H2H / Redraft ESPN / Leaguesafe / Draft Mon March 26 20:30

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I am starting to take managers for a 1st year league which will have roughly the same settings as this league which is now full:




I will be able to send invites as soon as ESPN starts the fantasy season.


We will use leaguesafe majority rule for the money.


The 4 playoff teams and the winner of the consolation bracket are in the money:

1st Place 550$

2nd Place 325$

3rd Place 200$

4th Place 125$


Email me at pgingras2016@gmail.com if you'd like to reserve a spot early.



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Send me an email so I can put you with all the other emails reserved for this new league.


I should be able to fill it in no time as well...maybe even before the fantasy season starts on ESPN.



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We'll do as soon as ESPN gets the ball rolling.


The league is already 1/3 full so I might beat a speed record for building this one even before the season starts.

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Only (4) spots left and we are not even in 2018 yet.


This league might beat a speed record for me in terms of league building all sports included. :)

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Email me directly and we will take care of it.


Fantasy football withdrawal is a freakin' bitch to be sure.


However I firmly believe that fantasy baseball is awesome, and one day it will drive the game back to its rightful place which is #1 here in America.


Cheers mate!

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