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Injury bug! Help me pick up WW of the year! (whir)!

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Greetings! My team went from dead last, to being 2nd place in 5 weeks.

HOWEVER, I just hit an injury bug, I have kristaps, curry, ibaka, and now lopez. Hopefully kristaps and curry come back soon, however lopez is out for 3 weeks.


MY QUESTION: Should I drop Lopez? I would prefer to be in top 2 place to get the buy during playoffs, so Im thinking of dropping him. I actually like BroLo since he gives ms out of position 3's and good blocks.


IF I do drop him, who do you guys recommend I pick up? I am in a h2h 9cat 10 team. I am PUNTING FG%. So guys like oubre, rivers, are great.

I would like to ideally get more steals, blocks, and out of position 3's if possible. I do have Ibaka and Kristaps for that so its not a total loss.



Larry Nance Jr

Justin Holiday

Bobby Portis

ETwaun Moore

John Henson

Kelly Oubre

Austin Rivers

Ersan Ilyasova

Bam Adebayo




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