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LOST AB - Cole/ Ebron/Cobb Replacement? WHIRRRR!

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I lost AB but gianed Zeke for the finals 1:  Should I pick up any of these guys off waiver? If so, which one of these bums should i drop?

 and what are you guys thoughts on my starting lineup? should i be playing someone on my bench.


Available on Waiver: 

Cole Vs SF

Ebron Vs CIN 

Cobb Vs MIN

Gallman Vs ARI 

Bernard vs DET 




Standard 14 team league - #1 in my league with week 14 Bye 


Qb: Cam vs TB 

RB1: Zeke vs Sea

Rb2: Fournette vs SF

Wr1: Westbrook vs SF 

Wr2: Josh Gordon vs Chi

TE: Rudolph vs GB

Flex: Mckinnon vs GB

DF: Baltimore

K: Lutz 

Bench: TY Hilton / Ivory / Seals /AB / Peine vs Den



I appreciate any suggestions. Leave a link and WHIR 

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