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Championship Game: Keenum/Rivers and McKinnon/Bengals RB... WHIR

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I'm in the championship for my league, 10 teams, standard (non-PPR) scoring.


QB: Case Keenum (@GB) or Philip Rivers (@NYJ)?

Flex: Jerick McKinnon (@GB) or Bengals RB (Mixon or Bernard, DET)?


QB: Right now I'm leaning Keenum since he's been super consistent. You'd think the Packers have nothing to play for since they're eliminated from the playoffs but it's a division rival and they always play the Vikings tough so IDK. Chargers are still in the hunt for a playoff spot and Rivers has been solid, sans last week.


Flex: Leaning McKinnon but Mixon, if he plays, has likely more volume and has a great matchup and good chance to score. McKinnon torched the Packers earlier this year but that was at home, indoors. Should be cold and possibly snowy in GB on Saturday so gameflow could favor Latavius Murray. Bengals look like they're ready for the offseason so they could get blown out again by the Lions, who are still in the hunt for the playoffs.


Post a link and I will help in return, thanks!

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I have the Keenum/Rivers dilemma in a league and I went Rivers. Jets pass D has been shredded at home by KC and CAR recently.


Id go Mixon. Flow will likely favor Latavius like you said, and Mixon his game script proof because he can catch passes too.

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I'd roll with Rivers and McKinnon. GB gives up a ton to the RB in the passing game and they are without multiple starters on offense. The only thing that scares me is Minnesota getting up early and using Murray to run the ball down GB's throat for most of the game. 


Toss-up between Mixon & McKinnon for me, but McKinnon for sure if Mixon sits.


Here's some numbers to show you how bad GB really is against pass-catching RBsf5f7e262a4c2f662e21a6c0fefa3b75f.png

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2 hours ago, afl5013 said:

Thanks for mine!


QB - I would go with Rivers, but only if Keenan is playing. The weather in GB scares me for the passing game. If Keenan is out, go with Keenum (lol).


Flex - Mixon if he plays, but if not go with Mckinnon.

This ^^^^^^

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