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Shepard or Martavis 1pt ppr (WHIR)

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Who do I start in the championship?


Shepard, who had a 30 point game last week, but has a tough matchup against Patrick Peterson?


Or Martavis, who hasn't really been too great, but has a good matchup against the Texans and without AB will have to step up


WHIR, thanks!

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Juju is going be Bens #1, but MB will also see 7+ targets and both are going have good day....


Shepard will see the volume, but as someone mentioned above about Patrick Peterson doesnt go into the slot is not true...Last yr Diggs played in the slot.....PP shadowed Diggs and held him to under 50 yrds on 6 catches I believe that game...Shepard may see PP from time to time 


I like MB 

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Lots of talk about Peterson covering Shepard, but he doesn't always cover slot receivers. He moves around. There's EE to worry about too. I think he'll do ok, especially in PPR. If you need upside, go with Bryant though.



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