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Rank these potential keepers: AB, Gronk, Ingram, Ertz, Watson, Adams, Hill

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1. Antonio (Without a doubt number one. Dude is a beast.)

2. Gronk (it's Gronk, man. lol Unless Brady retired after this year or something drastic like that.) 

3. Ingram (He and Watson are interchangeable depending if Ingram ends up a FA and the implications of that.) 

4. Watson

5. Ertz

6. Hill 

7. Adams

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1. Antonio - going to be number 1 WR next year too. Unless Big Ben retires and some jobber takes his spot.

2. Gronk-

3. Ingram - Great RB, free agency issues make him less certain

4. Adams- looks better every year, with a healthy rodgers he is a great WR2 with WR1 potential.

5. Hill- too boom or bust for my comfort but a good player

6. Ertz- excellent floor

7. Watson. He looked amazing this year. But what will he be like after injury? Also hate to keep a QB. There are always options at this position.




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Thanks everyone! I guess the main reason why I ask is that I'm thinking about dropping Watson or Adams for Hurns. My league runs until week 17 and with AB and Adams out I'm a little thin at WR and would like to keep my options open. Just wasn't sure whether it was better to drop one of these two, dropping a bench player, or just skipping out on Hurns. I knew I was definitely keeping AB, I was pretty sure I was keeping Gronk (health concerns are my only issue), and I was leaning towards keeping Ingram. The only issue I have with Ingram is I have no idea where he'll be playing, what his role will be when he gets there, and overall what his production will be. So I do want to keep my options open until I know where Ingram signs. But I think I can drop Watson and live with one of the other guys as a keeper if need be. Thanks!

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