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Championship: Wright or Cole? Whir.

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PPR. I lost Adams and need a replacement. Got both Keelan Cole and Kendall Wright off the wire. I am leaning Cole but Hurns is expected back which makes me nervous. Wright has a ton of targets but supposed to be cold and windy in CHI so game probably favors the run. Stick or Cole or go with Wright?


Thanks in advance and please leave a link.

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I agree with Retro. I'd start Cole as well. While Hurns is back, Lee is also out, so Cole is in the same position as he has been the last few weeks. He is in line for a few big plays again. Wright's momentum is unsustainable in Chicago's lackluster offence.




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I'd actually go with Wright.  I watched a bit of the last bears game and Wright is clearly Trubisky's favorite option in the passing game.  He's got a nice matchup against the Browns and should put up solid ppr numbers as he has been doing lately.  Jacksonville has been spreading the ball out a ton lately and you just never know which receiver will be Bortle's go-to.

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There's a few mouths to feed on the Jaguars team so you're getting on upside here. If you can afford to go the boom or bust route, I'd take on Cole. He has a high chance of getting you those big plays, a TD and has a balling Bortles slinging it towards him. He wasn't doing bad at all in PPR the previous two weeks before his game either. So he may be on the uptrend. 


Wright is on the safer side since the volume is there with him. 


If you're the favorite in your match up, you might be able to risk betting on Cole. If you're the underdog, Wright is safer. 

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