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Starting 1, Diggs or Shepard

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Diggs @ GB 




Shepard @ ARZ



Diggs in the better offense playing against a week GB defense but he is second in the pecking order for targets  and might be a co-weather game which Keenum not very accustom too. 


Shepard is the last man standing at WR for NYG and he plays the slot so no or very minimal amount of Patrick Peterson, Kinda in a poop offense so PP might shadow him instead of a split receiver since the outside guys aren't really a threat




Wallace, Westbrook and Goodwin are all in waivers






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Game in GB will be near single digit temps. The football will feel like a rock. I don’t think the Vikes will need to throw much to beat the Packers anyways. 


Not thrilled with the high possibility that PP will shadow Shepard all over the field. 


I have both and am leaning more towards SS with the hope PP just plays outside and SS gets 10 + targets. 

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If PP shadows SS it’s lights out as I don’t think he’s talented enough to overcome. Diggs May only see 4-6 targets.

Everyone says they get up on the Packers and then run for 3 quarters, well to do that means one of the three (Thielen/Diggs/Rudolph) went off.

I’d play Diggs.

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