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Kamara, Hunt, Gordan/Need 2, Agholor, DeDe, Cole/Need 1


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Playing for 3rd, got Gurley'd last week, so close. Now could get Bell'd and Wilson'd this week.


Gordan travels to NYJ

A.Kamara at home in high predicted scoring game vs team that concussed him(Atlanta).

K.Hunt back on track, unless A.Reid takes him off track again. 

Love all three and hoping they all do fine and I am stressing over nothing, but I can only play 2. 

I am leaning toward A.Kamara and Hunt, even though Gordan has been my steady all year. 

Am I doing the right by this? 1/2 ppr


WR: Even though K.Cole has been on fire, I am trying to decide between Agholor and DeDe. I feel DeDe will get a td this week and has great upside. I feel Agholor is targeted

quite a bit from Foles. Weather concern with wind, but Agholor has been more of a run after catch guy and not a lot of yards, but doing so well and actually top 10 wr on the year in my league. I am playing Bortles and have Jag D/St, so not putting all my eggs in one basket is cool with me, hence Agholor. My other two I am playing are M.Evans and M.Jones.


Any guidance appreciated.


Good luck to everyone who is still battling and Merry Christmas. Enjoy the games.




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Hunt, Kamara and Agholor. Reid ain't calling the shots on offense anymore, Kamara gets plays specifically designed for him to score in the red zone.


I don't like too many eggs in that basket (Jax) and Agholor should have a good floor this week.


Thanks for the help with mine

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